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Our Specificity

  • In depth understanding of our client's corporate culture, values and concern.
  • Apprehension of what is at stake for our customers.
  • Ability to deliver customized solutions in a timely manner.
  • Customized approach : 
    • ​We systematically meet with
      • the operational team to make sure we grasp the intangible, meaning the matching personality which will bring new complementary skills to the team and ensure the right fit.​
      • the HR team to be briefed about the company culture 

Our Approach

Being a small “boutique”:

  • We handle the process from A to Z.
  • We are close to our clients and candidates.
  • We are reactive, hence, we optimize timing and efficiency.

Our Added Value

  • With a solid operational expertise, we aim at understanding the global Group strategy and the strategy of the division for which we are recruiting.
  • We know in depth core technical competencies and behavioral competencies hence, if and when they need to be prioritized for the required role, we can advise you.
  • We advise our candidates how to communicate their wish to leave their employers in order to ensure a smooth exit. 


Cécile Brochot

Fondatrice / Founder

00 33 6 19 77 15 56



Catherine Curzi 

Associé / Partner









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