We believe that headhunting is a complex process that we have elevated to an art form

Bespoke headhunting boutique and partners of your growth we are:


  • An international executive search company advising its clients in the long run to help them grow along their strategy corporate culture.


  • Senior executives with operational backgrounds in HR and Finance and a global overview of strategic and organisational issues.


  • Partners to help your business achieve its goals, thrive and have a comprehensive talent pool.

Board and Governance

We support Management Committees in building and rebuilding themselves in order to meet both financial, innovation and growth requirements, as well as those encountered more generally in our world, to name just a few: digitalization, CSR, DIE. We also work in close partnership with investment funds.


Boards need experts in Environment and ESG more generally to meet the challenges facing our planet and society today, and we support them in this regard.


The various COPs organized around the world, COP on desertification, COP on climate and COP on diversity, reflect the immense challenges that our society has to take up in the years to come.


It is an understatement to say that technology is a "disruptive" force that affects both the economy and privacy and all aspects of our daily reality. Technology is a force whose intensity today is difficult to predict, even for the decade to come. Which grows day after day in ever more multiple facets.




Board and CEO  Advisory


Communication, Marketing & Sales 

Human Resources

Technology and digital

Legal / Compliance / Risks

Supply Chain



Industry expertise


Cb-Advisory is present in multiple industries such as:



Private Equity Finance 


Biotechnologies - Health

Consumer Goods Retail






Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We believe at Cb-Advisory and several studies around the world show it, that DE&I promotes innovation, customer loyalty, market share, employee retention rate, financial performance.


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