Cb-Advisory Team

Cécile Brochot



Cécile Brochot co-founded Cb-Advisory, the first top notch executive search to disrupt the headhunting approach making it a win-win solution for all parties. 


With a solid track record in senior executive search firm and a deep understanding of strategic and organizational issues, Cécile brings a wealth of experience to our boutique advisory firm. 


Her past experience at Roland Berger and BayernLb allow her to have a strong sensitiveness to cultural differences and how to handle them. Her international educational background and experience with Grosvenor Group has exposed her to C-Suite decision makers in a highly demanding environment where excellence is the norm. 


At CB Advisory, Cécile's philosophy revolves around long-term partnerships and helping clients grow along their corporate culture. Her global and multicultural approach ensures that we understand our clients' identities and find candidates who align with their values and objectives. 


Catherine Curzi



Catherine Curzi, a certified coach and senior headhunter at Cb-Advisory. With a great expertise in strategy, transformation, change management, and C-level coaching, Catherine brings unparalleled proficiency to our team. She embarked on her professional journey at Du Pont de Nemours in 1992 and later joined the international management consulting firm Roland Berger. Catherine further honed her skills at Neofocus, a strategy and transformation consulting firm, before joining Cb-Advisory in 2015.


Catherine's extensive experience across various industries ensures we identify and secure the best talent for each position through a meticulous recruitment process. Her commitment to strategic consulting and tailored coaching sets us apart in the recruitment landscape.


At Cb-Advisory, Catherine's comprehensive background in strategy, talent development, and coaching empowers us to unlock the potential of global talent. 

Carsten Hesse



With a profound understanding of multilingual recruitment across diverse sectors, including IT (Software Engineering, UX Design, Software Sales), Finance, Corporate Real Estate, and Engineering (mechanical, electrical, industrial), Carsten brings unparalleled expertise to our team.


Amongst others Carsten recruited teams internally before and across country borders in his role as Property Executive at global retailer Lidl&Schwarz and whilst at Private Equity Group Topland where he spearheaded market entry into Germany. 


In addition being our visionary partner, he is the founder of Gwendwr Consulting, talent acquisition specialists.


At CB Advisory, Carsten's comprehensive expertise spans various industries, ensuring that we find the best talent for each position through a rigorous interview and testing process. His dedication to cross-cultural consulting, tailored to different regions such as EMEA, sets us apart in the recruitment landscape.


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