At Cb Advisory, we go beyond traditional talent acquisition.


We are strategic advisors dedicated to helping organizations foster growth alignment with their unique corporate culture. With a wealth of experience in several activities, our senior executives provide a global perspective on organizational challenges and solutions.



Whether your company needs a seasoned executive for a key role or a comprehensive talent strategy overhaul, our team is committed to building a robust talent pool that propels your business forward.


We are passionate about empowering your organization to thrive in the competitive market.


Cross-cultural consulting tailored to different regions, including EMEA wide recruitment

Being a flexible fee structure, offering risk-free services for new clients

A comprehensive expertise spanning various industries

Dedication to finding the best talent available for each position


Partner with us to reach your business goals, cultivate a culture of success, and access a diverse talent network that drives innovation and growth.



Cb-Advisory, where talent acquisition meets strategic partnership.

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