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Who are we?

  • An international executive search "boutique" advising its clients in the long run to help them grow along their corporate culture.


  • Senior executives with operational backgrounds in HR and Finance with a global overview of strategic and organisational issues.


  • Partners to help your business achieve its goals, thrive and have a comprehensive talent pool.


Keen to satisfy you, we know that the human capital of your company makes the difference.


Global and multicultural approach

We place great emphasis on apprehending your culture, which represents your Group identity.

We pay attention to always understanding the interactions between the different members of the team to better define the appropriate personality required to be successful in the role.


We can source candidates all across Europe, the USA and Asia. 


Support in building consistent teams

Our engagement by your side aims at supporting you in building your teams, bringing you complementary competences, which put together will reinforce your cohesion and position on the market.


Convinced that creativity is the natural outcome of diversity, both essential qualities required to adapt in today’s world, we have at heart to know you well.


Placing the human being at the centre of the organisation, we contribute to preserving and enhancing your culture, one of the key element differentiating you from your competitors to attract the best talents.



Sensitive to your company culture, we know technical competences are key to the quality of a successful recruitment yet, we also know that the “fit” is even more critical. If technical skills can always be acquired, alchemy, which governs human relationships is intangible and cannot be decreed.


For this reason, our approach is « comprehensive ».


Our support goes beyond helping you to acquire new talents. We can also support you in revisiting the job description with you along the already existing competencies within the team and in respect with the market and the image conveyed by your company.


Based on our expertise we can benchmark you with your competitors’ practices.


Partners in the long run
Our contribution goes beyond that of sourcing and recruitment. Partners of your Group, we intervene at an early stage and help you to set up your reputation as employer of choice.


We can help you structure your recruitment process (logistics and evaluation) to optimize your reactivity, key element of success in attracting talents. 


Ambassadors of your values

Ambassador of your values, we guarantee you a qualitative customized approach and we commit ourselves to conveying your values towards every candidate interviewed so that the mandate you are giving us also becomes an important communication tool for your image.


Negotiation and Signing Process

We remain by your side all along the recruitment process, including at the signature stage, phase which can be critical in a highly economic competitive environment.


Aware of our responsibility, we follow up the integration of our candidates.






Cécile Brochot

Fondatrice / Founder

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Catherine Curzi 

Associé / Partner









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