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Industry split

Examples of recent mandates

In France: 

  • Partner Consulting Firm (Aerospace), Paris.
  • Senior Director Strategy Consulting Firm (B2B), Paris.
  • Senior Project Manager Sustainability Consulting, Paris.
  • Director Sustainability Consulting, Paris.
  • Project Manager Consulting Firm (B2B), Paris.
  • CFO (SaaS), Paris.
  • Business Development and Sales (France, Spain, Italie), Paris.
  • General Counsel, (SaaS), Paris
  • Head of Marketing, (SaaS), Paris
  • Managing Director (Start up), Paris
  • Head of Sales (SaaS), Paris
  • Head of Business Development and Sales, (CGR), Paris
  • Head of Sustainability (automobile) Paris, France
  • Chief Transformation Officer (banking), Paris, France
  • Head of Sales (Pharma), Paris, France



  • Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing Intelligence Communication Automation, scope UKI DACH IT,  (SaaS), Hamburg, Germany.
  • Senior Business Developer and Country Manager (B2C), Frankfurt, Germany.
  • Associate General Counsel, scope: UKI DACH IT, based in London, UK.
  • Head of Pricing and Marketing (B2B), Lausanne, Switzerland.
  • Senior Business Developer and Sales Manager (B2C), Sweden.
  • Partner Strategy Consulting: opening rep. office in Shanghai, China.
  • Vice President Product Marketing (SaaS), NYC, USA.
  • Managing Director (CGR), Frankfurt, Germany.
  • Head of Business Development (SaaS), EMEA, Dublin, Ireland.
  • Head of Communication (IA), EMEA, Barcelona, Spain.
  • Managing Director (Identity Security), Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • VP Sustainability (retail), London, UK.
  • Chief Transformation Officer (CGR), London, UK
  • VP Marketing (biotech), Geneva, Switzerland.
  • Senior Vice President (telco), EMEA, London, UK.
  • Senior Vice President (IT), EMEA, Zurich, Switzerland
  • Senior Private Banker, Geneva, Switzerland.


Cécile Brochot

Fondatrice / Founder

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Catherine Curzi 

Associé / Partner









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